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Capturing Light and Imagination!

Throughout the ages, people of all cultures have been fascinated by one of nature's most colorful phenomena, the Aurora Borealis.
Azotic Coating Technology has recreated these conditions which exist in nature, combining them with a scientific coating process which has resulted in some of the most vibrant colors available to the world of minerals and jewelry. From crystals and geodes to common stones and collectible objects, the coating applied by Azotic will make your objects radiate with Color and Brilliance!


AURORA CRYSTALS are natural crystals formations selected for their interesting structure.  We use a process of plasma ionization to deposit atomically thin layers of titanium. The titanium interacts with the crystal structure on these specimens, enhancing  their natural beauty and brilliance. Each  AURORA CRYSTAL is unique in its' ability to capture light and imagination

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Azotic - The creators of the Designer Gems: Nirvana, Mystic Fire; Sunshine and Aurora Crystals

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